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A digital platform that monitors and analyses all space and satellite activities in the Middle East and North Africa by AzurX

Among the fastest growing space sectors in terms of budget and expenditure in the world can be found in the Middle East and North Africa. Here governments are building ambitious space programmes and are spending billions of dollars on satellites and spacecraft in one of the most geopolitically consequential and complex parts of the world.

The Middle East Space Monitor will monitor and analyse all space and satellite activities in the region, covering all of North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, the Levant, Turkey, and Iran - the so-called Greater Middle East.

The Middle East Space Monitor is a resource for analysts, space policy makers in the region as well as around the world, space and satellite industry executives, investors, journalists, academics, as well as anyone else who has an interest in space and the fascinating Middle East region.

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Monitoring and analysing all space and satellite activities in the Greater Middle East


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